HI, I am Wim Pouw. I am a cognitive scientist studying functions of manual activity in human cognition. I am currently enjoying a post-doctoral training as a visiting scholar at the Center for the Ecological study of perception and action (CESPA; University of Connecticut). A current focus of my research is why and how hand gesture and speech are so tightly coordinated during communicative activity, where I combine motion tracking of manual gestures with acoustic analyses of speech. At CESPA I am specifically interested to pursue research questions that probe how gesture and speech function as a single coupled system, and on which dimensions gesture and speech entrain each other’s activity.

Short Bio

At the VU University Amsterdam, I obtained my Bachelor degree in Psychology in 2009, Master degree (research master) in Social Psychology in 2011, and a second master degree in Theoretical Psychology in 2012. After my studies I enrolled as a PhD student under supervision of Professors Tamara van Gog, Rolf Zwaan, and Fred Paas at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). In this project we investigated the supporting role of hand movements in learning and problem solving. I defended my thesis on 16th of March, 2017.

I am employed at the Erasmus University Rotterdam as a Postdoctoral researcher under supervision of Prof. Fred Paas. In 2017, the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded my project a Rubicon grant for a 2-years research applying human movement analyses to hand-gesture, under supervision of Prof. James Dixon at the University of Connecticut. In 2019 I was awarded a 'Donders Fellowship' at University of Nijmegen (Donders Institute) to work under supervision of Prof. Asli Ozyurek on the large-scale study of multimodal language. I will start the project at Donders in November 2019.